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Genetic Counselling Awareness Week

Press Release

Genetic Counselling Awareness Week – Press release


Genetic disorders are individually rare.  But taken together, these rare conditions impact countless individuals and families across the world.

From November 20th to 26th, 2016, the Canadian Association of Genetic Counsellors (CAGC) is hosting Genetic Counselling Awareness Week and will be hosting events across Canada and sharing multi-media content developed specifically for the public.  This year's theme is:

Genetic Conditions: Not As Rare As You May Think.

Genetic counsellors help people understand and adapt to complicated health-related information in a genetics setting.  They can help individuals and families with rare genetic disorders in many ways, from providing support during the genetic testing process and explaining the complexities of genetic test results and diagnoses, to helping determine how newly discovered genes can be used in genetic testing.  For genetic counsellors, rare may be unique, but it is not uncommon.  This year, Genetic Counselling Awareness Week will focus on the idea that genetic conditions are more common than many may believe.

"Genetic counsellors work with newly discovered genes and genetic conditions all the time.  When this is your everyday, "rare" becomes much more common than you might realize.  On the other hand, individuals and families living with a rare genetic condition can often feel alone.  Part of our role is to offer these individuals and families a space to discuss their experiences and needs, organize appropriate services and when available, connect them to other families living with the same or a similar condition in an effort to make "rare" seem less isolating," says Allison Janson Hazell, President of the CAGC.

To learn more about Genetic Counselling Awareness Week, visit us on our Facebook page at or follow us on Twitter @CAGC_ACCG. There will also be fun facts, trivia questions, and information about local events and organizations posted throughout the week!

For more information, please contact:

Karen Canales, MSc, CGC

Genetic Counsellor, Prenatal Diagnosis


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Jessica Gu, MS, CGC

Genetic Counsellor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

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