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Board of Directors


The President serves as the CEO and official representative of the CAGC. Duties include overseeing the general management of the affairs of the CAGC and ensuring that the activities of the organization are in keeping with our mission statement. General questions about the organization can be directed to the President. Ideas or comments from the CAGC membership are also encouraged.

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The President-elect is a member of the Liaison and Education Committees and provides reports on  committee activities to the Board of Directors.  Questions from government, professional organizations or academic institutions should be directed to the President-elect.  Suggestions or questions about CAGC committees are also welcome.

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Secretary & Media/Communications

The Secretary  acts as the liaison between the Board of Directors, the CAGC-ACCG office administration and the Website Committee. They chair the Media/Communications Committee which examines ways to promote the organization and stay informed about media reports pertinent to genetic counselling in Canada. They are also responsible for overseeing organizational elections. Suggestions about website content as well as ways to promote the organization/profession are encouraged.

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Media/ Communications


For CAGC members who wish to contact the Treasurer, please access the Members-Only section.


Regional Representatives

The Regional Representatives encourage active membership in the CAGC and aim to promote the professional and educational interests of members in their respective regions. The Regional reps also act as a liaison between genetic counsellors, the GC training programs in their respective regions, and the CAGC Board of Directors.

Please contact a Regional Rep for more information.

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(Ontario, Manitoba, the Central United States including Region IV of the NSGC).


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(Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, and the Western United States).


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(Atlantic Provinces, Quebec, and the Eastern United States).