Application for Membership with CAGC


The CAGC membership year covers the period from July 1 to June 30. Annual renewal begins the first week of July each year. Please note that we are unable to offer pro-rated rates for membership dues.

If you are a current Student member upgrading to Full member status please contact the CAGC Administrative office at for further instruction.

Annual Membership Fees:

  • Full:  $150
  • Full - New Grad Discount *: $75
  • Associate:  $150
  • Student:  $40
  • Emeritus:  $65

* New Grad Discount: Students who graduate from an MSc genetic counselling training program and apply for Full membership within 2 years of graduation are eligible for a one-time $75 discount on their Full category membership. (Example:  If you graduated Dec. 15, 2023 you can apply for the Full membership discount up until Dec. 15, 2025. If your application is submitted after Dec. 15, 2025 the regular Full membership rate ($150) would apply.

Once a completed application and full payment is received, the application will be reviewed by the CAGC Membership Committee. Subsequent decision letters will be sent to applicants via email.

Unsure which member category applies to you? Click here to view the descriptions and eligibility criteria.

I understand that by joining the CAGC I will enjoy the benefit of receiving periodic emails regarding research studies, job postings, etc. which the association deems of interest to members. Personal information such as email or mailing addresses will never be sold.


Contact Information

All details noted with an asterisk will appear in the CAGC Membership Directory located in the password-protected section of our website. Please provide the information as you would like to see it listed in the directory.



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