Member benefits



  • Members are entitled to join CAGC committees and contribute to projects that promote the genetic counselling profession in Canada.  
  • Full members are granted voting authority on important issues brought forward at the annual general meeting.
  • Representatives from the CAGC have input into clinical practice guidelines issued by the Canadian College of Medical Geneticists, and the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada.

Networking opportunities

  • Access to the CAGC e-mail listserv, which is an excellent forum for sharing information and networking.
  • Online membership directory, which provides contact information for all CAGC members worldwide.
  • Communities of practice, smaller groups of members with a focus on a particular area of practice.

Resources for your practice

  • Access to resources useful in clinical care
  • Access to list of key journal and review articles by area of practice
  • Access to the CAGC Genetics Knowledge Dissemination Speaker's Bursary, which supports genetic counsellors at non-genetics conferences.

Job opportunities

  • Direct e-mail notification of job postings to CAGC members.
  • Access to Professional Status Survey, including information regarding genetic counsellor salary, benefits and other aspects of the work environment.

Continuing education

  • Discounted rates for the Annual Education Conference.
  • Access to CAGC’s newsletter “Buzz from the Board".
  • Knowledge Questions 

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